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Ankha Video PH Camel by camel Animal Crossing Full Original Minus8 Ankha Zone Tan Video Goes Viral

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#BREAKING NEWS:- Latest shocking Full Original Ankha Zone Video clip footage Goes Viral on twitter, reddit and youtube for the wrong reason after the ...

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Latest shocking Full Original Ankha Zone Video clip footage Goes Viral on twitter, reddit and youtube for the wrong reason after the character of Animal Crossing Series created by flash animator art zone dance in a strange way than usual
The viral video shows Ankha, the Animal Crossing’s Egyptian cat character performed a weird dancing with a Camel by Camel song. This viral video is specially tribute to minus8, which is another popular anime cartoon flash animator.

Zone account on twitter latest update
However, the original anime video from twitter zone account that are posted in August and September of 2021, has been deleted because of copyright and Zone account also has been suspended by Twitter because it’s violate the Twitter Rules.
Why it is called Tan Ankha Zone?
This weird viral tiktok video called Ankaha Zone because it is specially created by the artist name Zone in twitter with a special background music “Camel by Camel” song from Sandy Marton where you can watch the music video from youtube channel. Artist zone currently have up to 600k subscribers on youtube, 80k followers on twitch and approximately 180k followers on twitter
The zone artist video popular with a multiple tittles such as “Ankha zone ridding video, Animal Crossing Ankha minus8 video and Ankha Tan Camel by camel video”. However the original footage may not suitable for some viewers.
Animal Crossing is created by Hisashi Nogami and Katsuya Eguchi with a get back to nature concept social simulation mobile video game series published by Nintendo. In animal crossing, you can decorate your own custom designs campsite with many type of furniture and amenities that suite your own creativity.
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