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Where memes rot and posts fester, locate the thread of the unknown tester... #CarnEvil Support: https://www.patreon.com/Pseudiom Twitter: https://twit...

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Where memes rot and posts fester, locate the thread of the unknown tester... #CarnEvil

Support: https://www.patreon.com/Pseudiom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pseudiom

CarnEvil is a critical, cult darling of the Internet. An arcade shooter about taking on a haunted, horrifying as absurd as its leader: Professor Ludwig von Tokkentakker. Along the way, the player shoots their way through clowns, dinos, giant babies, and the game's voice Umlaut. It was a product perfectly crafted by the small team's horror obsession and insane aesthetics. The world has Jack E. Haeger to thank for germinating the seed of CarnEvil. But, untended, seeds have a habit of sprouting out of control on the Internet.

Online, CarnEvil has garnered a cult or became a cult. Due to this, its lore now runs deep. It is less of arcade sideshow today and more of the three ring circus's main attraction. The files of CarnEvil hold a mysterious music track named "TUNNEL0.BNK". As always, there is a good ghost story about the spooky implications of this unused beta attract. Maybe all along there was a cult behind CarnEvil? Its a little absurd, but CarnEvil's personality requires it.

Now, make sure you're tall enough to board this ride, okay?
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Kevin Quinn (CarnEvil OST) - "Umlaut's Rhyme [Loading]" (00:17-01:20)
Kevin Quinn (CarnEvil OST) - "Chamber of Horrors" (01:19-02:09)
Kevin Quinn (CarnEvil OST) - "Freakshow" (02:08-03:08)
Frédéric Chopin - "Galop Marquis", performed by Aya Higuchi (03:14-03:24)
Stewart Copeland (Spyro 4: Enter The Dragonfly OST) - "Crop Circle Country" (03:24-06:37)
Stewart Copeland (Spyro 4: Enter The Dragonfly OST) - "UFO Platform Panic" (06:37-9:22)
Genocyber OST - "Alexandria Theme" (09:21-12:22)
Urotsukidoji II OST - "Rebirth of the Mad King" (12:22-17:33)
Genocyber OST - "Vajra - Wind from the Virtual World" (17:32-22:30)
Kevin Quinn (CarnEvil OST) - "The Big Top" (22:30-23:44)
Kevin Quinn (CarnEvil OST) - "Big Bunyan Ride" (22:34-24:32)
Kevin Quinn (CarnEvil OST) - "CarnEvil Nocturne" (24:32-24:49)
Urotsukidoji OST - "Campus Theme" (24:49-25:35)
All copyrighted media, images, and music respective owner(s).
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